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African Grey Parrot Lovers

Special Pricing Page

This page was set up to offer special pricing for the African Grey Parrot Lovers page on Facebook and can only be reached by the link provided to the group on their page

We offer many other items though out my website, if you are looking to purchase other items that are not listed on this special page for AGPL call me or message me what you would like and I will see if I can give you a better discount for being a member of the AGPL group. Please make sure you mention that you are a member of the group.

Ken 512-988-7580

(shipping to the lower 48 US states only)

The Aviator Bird Harness does ship worldwide for a small shipping fee

The AVIATOR Bird Harness is the only truly safe bird restraint system. The only ESCAPE PROOF pet bird harness. Your bird can easily remove the leash and sometimes the bird harness from every other brand of bird harness. Easily fits the largest pet birds and cockatiels as small as 75 grams. One piece design - No pieces to assemble. Advanced engineering has eliminated dangerous buckles and clips that distract and injure birds. Easiest to install - Only one slide Installs in less than ½ the time it takes to install all other harness. (written instructions are included in package.) Elastic leash safely absorbs impact shock and keeps birds from being injured if they unexpectedly fly to the end of the leash. Elastic leash cording reduces the total harness weight – especially on small birds. Some harnesses can weigh as much as the bird! Fewer pressure contact points on bird. The Aviator is made of the least amount of material of any harness. Specially engineered collar hugs the neck keeping the strap from sliding toward the wing and annoying your pet. The AVIATOR's special collar design is the only harness that allows birds to safely wear the bird harness with food in their crop. Self-adjusting leash changes orientation as bird moves around handler. Automatically adjusts from the chest to the back as the bird climbs and flies. Connects to retractable cord leash and FLIGHT LINE for greater flying distance. The AVIATOR Bird Harness constitutes a new mindset necessary to provide safe and effective harness and leash restraint systems for birds. One piece design - No buckles or clips. Easy to install. Elastic wrist leash to absorb impact shock. Special collar design. Self-adjusting leash - Adjusts as bird climbs or flies. Increase flying distance by connecting to FLIGHT LINE or retractable cord leash. Available in all sizes; Cockatiels through Macaws. Complete with 40 min. DVD showing: Installation and safe use of the AVIATOR Bird Harness Training your pet to love the AVIATOR Bird Harness Teaching old birds new tricks. Teaching your bird to fly outside with the AVIATOR Bird Harness Positive personality changes to expect.

Tips to Harness Train a Parrot -

Here are some tips to help get you started on some harness training with your parrot. The two amazons have progressed since this was filmed. Once they finish the behavior I will make another video.The...


Parrot University Aviator Harness

FREE Shipping on this within the USA and a small upcharge for International shipping.

To order for international please contact us.

Product Features

• The only truly safe bird restraint system.

• Escape proof

• Easily fits the largest birds

• Has elastic leash that safely absorbs impact shock and is also self-adjustable

• Specially engineered collar • Comes with DVD Good for:

• Petite - 75-100 gm Lg. Parakeets, Sm. Indian ringnecks, Cockatiels, Sm. Conures (Green Cheek, Brown Throat)

• Extra Small - 110-190 gm Quakers, Senegal, Doves, Med. Parakeets (Indian Ringneck, Port Lincoln) Rainbow Lories, Rosellas, Noble Macaw, Lg. Conures (Suns, Jendays Nanday, Blue Crown), Caiques

• Small - 190-450 gm Amazons (Lilac Crown, Blue Front) Timneh Grey, Yellow Collar Macaw, Sm. Cockatoos (Goffins, Major Mitchell, Galah, Lesser Sulfur) Lg. Parakeets, Chattering Lori, All Pionus

• Medium - 450-600 gm Eclectus, Med. Macaws (Severe, Red Fronted) Lg. Amazons (Double Yellow, Yellow Nape) Umbrella, Congo Grey, Eclectus

• Large - 600-1000 gm Lg. Macaws, Triton, Sm. Moluccan

• Extra Large - 1000-1600 gm Lg. Moluccan, Green Winged Macaw, Hyacinth Extra Extra Large - 1600+ grams. Extra Large Hyacinth Green Wing Macaws (Mostly Males), Chickens, Geese, Phesants.

Parrot University Aviator Harness

Parrot University Aviator Flight Line

FREE Shipping on this item within the USA and a small up charge for International shipping. To order for international please contact us.

The Aviator Bird Flight Line is a tangle proof system allowing a pet bird to fly unrestricted in an area as small as 30' x 30' feet and as large as 50' x 80' feet.

Light weight elastic cording allows safe flight and encourages proper flight behaviors for free flight training. If your bird ever gets loose he will be better equipped to fly home.

The Aviator Bird Harness wrist strap attaches to the lead of the Aviator Flight Line and you no longer need to hold on.

The Aviator Flight Line is very light. For small birds the entire Flight Line lead and the Aviator Harness together weights less than 15 grams. For the largest birds the system weighs a total of only 23 grams. Now you can safely teach your bird recall, to fetch, to forage in the grass for treats, exercise, and the best part of all you will spend more time having fun with your companion.

The Aviator Bird Flight Line works for all birds as small as cockatiels and as large as hyacinths. The package includes: Flight Line system Light weight lead for small birds Heavy weight lead for large birds

The Aviator Harness is not included

Parrot University Aviator Flight Line

Parrot University Aviator Yard Perch

FREE Shipping on this item within the USA At this time, the Aviator Yard Perch is only for sale in the United States. The size of the Aviator Yard Perch makes it cost prohibitive to ship outside the US. The Aviator Yard Perch is the most portable perch and can be used for all pet birds. It is light weight and does not require a base, stand or other supporting structure. The Yard Perch can be pushed into the ground just about anywhere on the planet. This can include dirt, gravel, a flower bed, lawn, beach or other suitable natural or unnatural area. ONE SIZE FITS ALL SIZE BIRDS THE AVIATOR YARD PERCH uses specially engineered plastics that replicate natural manzanita trees for an indestructible surface. Varying perch diameter supplies the perfect perch for every size bird foot. Yard Perch - Full Size The Aviator Yard Perch is light weight, portable, and does not require a cumbersome base or stand. The Yard Perch can be planted in the ground anywhere. Perch Width Varies to Accommodate All Sizes of Birds.

Parrot University Aviator Yard Perch

Special Pricing Other Items

Vet-Aid Animal Wound Care Spray 4-oz

Vet Aid Sea Salt Derma Spray is a hypoallergenic, fragrance free and sterile animal wound care solution that provides immediate soothing relief to a variety of dermatological conditions. The patented Sea Salt Saline is pH balanced and contains natural enzymes to create the optimal healing environment.


Spray directly on affected area 4-6 times per day or every 5 hours. For best results, allow solution to absorb into the skin. Do not wipe off.

• Post Op / Wounds

• Abscesses / Tumor Removal

• Moist Dermatitis

• Declawing

• Hot Spots – Deep & Secreting

• Lacerations

• Rain Rot

• Proud Flesh

Vet-Aid Animal Wound Care Spray 4-oz

Human Items

BBBPSP Parrot S&P Shaker

Colorful Parrot holding glass salt & pepper shakers. Approx size 7.5" x 5.5" x 7.5" Comes with two glass shakers for S&P

BBBPSP Parrot S&P Shaker